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This moment will never be forgotten by me. Because, I photographed my own when Mount Bromo erupted in 2010. At that time, I was playing dirt bike alone without any friends. Many fallen trees not being able to withstand rain of volcanic ash from the eruption of Bromo.
And inadvertently, I find a good location to be photographed. At that time, I just photographed the eruption of the mountain atmosphere. But then comes the desire to take pictures of my own. Understandably, this is a rare moment that can not be repeated.
But, I did not bring a tripod. Meanwhile, to put a DSLR camera with a setting of “self timer”, almost no place. Finally I tried to put a DSLR camera in one of the fallen tree. After that, I was posing while waiting for the click of my camera. and the result is like a photo that I posted today. I was very impressed with this photo.